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Project Management

Strawn Construction is fully committed to any project, and has resources and manpower available to any given time to provide proper coverage for the project to its full potential, providing smooth operation, complete coverage and day in day out needs throughout the schedule duration  

Project Organization:

Preconstruction is the best chance to solve the biggest problems on will encounter during a project. It is also the hardest time to catch these problems. that is why it is important to have a contractor who has recently completed similar projects. During this time the project manager does the following:
- Develops a realistic budget
- Completes thorough design and constructability views
- Performs multiple estimates during design iterations

During construction it is important to have process and systems to facilitate the movement of information and documentation. at the same time an experienced - qualified Superintendent manages the on site construction. We properly document everything and provide weekly schedule updates. Every member of the team is active during the construction phase.  The Project Manager communicates back to the owner and everybody. The superintendent and project engineer communicates with the subcontractors.
We develop detailed schedules identifying the project’s critical path, stages, and milestones. We make it easy to track all progress.

We advise the client/architect of lead times for all materials and equipment. This enables the architect to develop documents and take advantage of alternative pricing. It also lets everyone involved understand if scheduling goals are attainable  Strawn prepares schedules to reflect all early order items - as well as delivery dates - before and throughout the construction process.

Closeout starts during construction and ends with both a hard copy and an electronic set of documents that allows the facility to be maintained, and future projects to be designed and built safely. Out administration team produces closeout documents that are complete, correct, orderly, and organized.

Our common purpose drives everything we do. From the beginning, we've shared a passion for craftsmanship, desire for inspiring teamwork, and transparency in our communication. Our core values: excellence, character, the individual, the team, adaptability, financial responsibility, safety and quality, are the foundation on which we've built our company.

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