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Strawn Constuction, Inc., is a full service Construction and Construction management firm founded in 2002 as a Sub-Chapter S California Corporation. Randall Strawn is the President and founder of the company. Strawn Construction, Inc. was founded with one very speific goal: Provide General Contractor and Construction Management services representing the owner's best interests on every project. Our organization has been developed around achieving this goal, and our record of repeat clients demonstrates our achievement. 
We approach every project by listening to our clients and defining the specific needs. this approach is augmented by innovative business and construction solutions tailored for each client for each project. Our goal is to develop lasting partnerships based on leadership and success.
Our reputation and proven success for establishing budgets and effective cost control, expediting projects, managing risk, and complete project delivery will be invaluable to any company that works with us. We are creative in finding solutions to issues, assembling bid packages to meet specific needs, and soliciting bidders to get the best pricing for our clients. We will provide accurate, accessible, and accountable information that will stand the test of time. 
Strawn strives to work as an extension of any companies staff; ensuring smooth transitions from program development through project closeout. We look forward to the challenge of providing quality work for any company that opens up a project for us to take on. 

Strawn also does the following:
Lease-Leaseback projects
We have extensive experience in Lease-Leaseback projects establishing budgets, effective cost controls, expediting projects and managing risk in order to complete projects on time and on budget in both the public and private sectors.Our experience working with school districts as the lease-leaseback contractor on previous bonds programs. As a devoted school construction contractor we embraced the lease-Leaseback delivery method and have worked with several school districts using this delivery method.
Project Buyout
Strawn Construction processes and procedures that are used in a project buyout are as follows:
- We start with the district and propose qualification criteria and standards for which subcontractors are to be notified and eligible to bid on the project. Our experience with CM multiple prime makes us uniquely suited to this task. 
- We publicly notify the availability of this work. we make sure this process follows the district own competitive bidding process. 
- It is understood that the electrical, mechanical, and plumbing contractors need to be prequalified prior to the submission of its proposal. 
- We will conduct job walks prior to the bid
- We conduct all this with the understanding that the process will have a reflection on the school district. 
- We would like to get the trade contractors involved as early as possible. 
- We have relationships with contractors with experience in many fields who are valuable resources during the early design.
Experience with DSA and working within the DSA process.
Strawn Construction has a continued working relationship with DSA. We have had a number of challenges regarding site issues and have been very successful in our work with DSA to keep all of our projects moving forward and on schedule. Having constructed literally hundreds of projects under DSA's jurisdiction, our team is one of the best in the business with Project Closeouts.
Risk Control programs:
Strawn has engaged in an Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP). Aggressive risk control and safety management measures have been implemented for projects that have the OCIP program including 100% fall protection and daily safety reviews. 

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